Victoria's choice breast firming feminine hormone drinks
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  • 15 sachets 1 box 
  • release mensures pain
  • for uterus health
  • for bust firming up

Victoria Choice 卵巢保养品,可以呵护女人的秘密还原,缔造女人的不老传奇!她的六大功效: 1. 调理月经问题,如: 经痛,不调等 2. 改善妇科炎症,舒缓更年期的不是症状 3. 强化卵巢,子宫(炎症和宫寒)功能 4. 收缩阴道,预防更年期综合症 5. 初级动情激素分泌,平衡荷尔蒙 6. 改善性冷感,增进夫妻感情

Product Details Victoria's Choice  Women Must Have - Enhances and firms breast - Balance hormones - Anti-Aging - Improve skin condition and reduce fatigue - Prevent breast and cervical cancer - Regulate Menstrual Cycle - Soothes Menstrual pain and discomfort - Relieve menopause symptoms, maintain healthy body and looks - Strengthens vagina muscles and tighten it - Reduce vaginal discharge, odour and infections - Clear wastes in vaginal and uterus

What's in the box

30 sachets x 2 box